BAM DIGITAL MARKETING - Your New Clients Are Online - Are You?

Do You Make These 3 Excuses In Growing Your Business?

In this article, you are going to learn what I have found to be three of the main excuses why business owners don’t do more to market their small businesses effectively.

In my opinion, based on my experience as a small business owner for 21 years, and, my experience running two marketing agencies, these excuses are common but can be overcome.

It just takes understanding them and taking action steps to overcome them so you can be successful in running your own business and securing your financial future.


I Can’t Afford To Market My Business

The biggest excuse by far is this one!

Look, your business is a machine. All businesses must have a steady supply of leads and paying clients to stay open and work toward growing revenue and profit.

The Real Question is can I NOT afford to not market my business?

If you really can’t think of any way possible to find some resources to stay in business and grow your business, perhaps it’s time to do some soul searching on whether you should own your own business.

As a business owner for 21 years, I saw ups and downs in the revenue from my small business.

The one thing I never forgot was that setting aside some level of a certain marketing budget that in whatever way…HAD to be found to be present and competitive in the business marketplace.

Without that, you might as well hang it up and go find a job where all you do is work for someone else…

All of us fall into owning and operating our own small business for different reasons:

Maybe you couldn’t find a job?

Maybe it was your dream to own your own business?

Maybe you took over an established small business?

Regardless of how you came to be a small business owner, if you want to stay in business and make money and grow so you can have a secure financial future, you have to find a way make an investment in your business to keep open a pipeline of new leads and clients. Period.

If you can’t afford to make an investment of money and time in your business marketing, then things will likely remain as they are right now. If you’re okay with that, then best of luck!


Online Marketing Doesn’t Work

This excuse is baffling to me sometimes. Look at the numbers and tell me your clients aren’t online. Just do what most of us do every day…Google it! Right?

Facebook IS the Homepage of the Internet

Why do I say this? Think about it…

The mobile phone induced digital addiction has spurred a tidal wave of people (some are your potential clients) who are using or checking their mobile phone constantly.

A portable Internet, on your person, every day has literally changed forever how all people now behave and interact online every single day of their lives.

Facebook, with 2 Billion Users (as of September, 2017) has resulted in incredibly vast numbers of people waking up, checking Facebook, and then continuing to post or “check their newsfeed” throughout the day and night.

Tell me this is not true…maybe you need look no further than the mirror.

How many times a day do you think people you know check Facebook on the cell phone?

5 Times a Day?

10 Times a Day?

20 Times a Day?  More?

For better or worse (time will tell on that) this is the world we live in right now. Because the Internet has become portable and in most everyone’s hands, all the time, and the digital addiction has taken hold, believe me:

Your New Clients Are Online All The Time And They Are On Facebook And Google: A Lot!  

First, You Have To Understand The 2 Main Channels Of The Internet And How They Are Used:

Google is Demand Fulfillment

Facebook is Demand Generation

You Need Both: Here’s Why…

On Google people are searching for something. They are trying to fill the demand for something they want.  Maybe that’s specific information, maybe they are looking for immediate help.

Either way, being found on the field of Demand Fulfillment when clients are looking for information or immediate representation is crucial.

Because of the frequency of daily visits, Marketing on Facebook is based on Demand Generation.

Using Facebook’s hyper-advanced targeting methods that are now available, generating demand is most effective by using content (whether it’s a video, a blog article, a guide, etc.) that your potential client would be interested in and find valuable in their current situation or for someone they know.

Because of the “Image Based” and “Social” nature of Facebook, there are so many better ways to capture the attention of the right client and build your name (your brand).

Facebook is better at generating “demand” and when done correctly: in the right sequence with the right message (content and creative) the growth possibilities are incredible for any small business owner.


I Don’t Have Time

This excuse is very commonplace and to a large extent is often true; however, it misses the bigger point.

If you don’t make time to know:

Who your ideal client is,

Where they hang out online,

How to reach them at the right time and,

What they need to hear from you that would attract them to your business…

Then You Will Not Grow Your Business And Secure Your Retirement.

We all decide individually what is a priority in our lives.

If you are relying on your small business to provide you a great living and a secure financial future, you have to drive new business to it every day.

You Have To Be The Face And Voice Of Your Content.

The big business marketing companies can’t save you, despite their hollow promises. Relying on canned and stale content, not doing your own video, not offering valuable content to attract potential clients are all turn-offs to your potential client market.

However, committing to this effort and seeking professional guidance and services to make it easy for you to personalize your message and build your personal brand, is on you and you alone.  

You have to make the time, but without knowing what to create, why and to what end, it is frustrating.

That’s why many small business owners settle for less and convince themselves that just because they are busy, they are profitable. Don’t make that mistake.

What You Can Do Next

If you can break free of holding on to these excuses about why you are not getting enough clients in your small business…

Then The Next Question Becomes How Profitable Do You Think You Can Be?

“That depends”… I know, such a typical answer!

Let us work on a strategy to grow your business to the next level!

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